i just want freckles. is that really so much to ask?

lifestyle change.

Exams are over. My first year of university is complete. I have 8 weeks left in Paris until I trot on back to the safety and comfort of Blightey, so what better time to implement a cheeky little lifestyle change you ask? EXACTLY. The time is nieeeee. 

I have decided to become a vegan, seeing as I was already a vegetarian. In a feeble attempt to be healthy and fitter. So I have been successfully vegan for a couple of weeks, and it’s going grand. I feel so bouncy and full of energy and I’ve stopped craving crap. 

Everything’s peachy keen in my rose tinted world. Thought you’d like to know. 

Life as an Au Pair.

Since moving to Paris, I have become an au pair for possibly the cutest child the world has ever seen. She’s a 6 year old, knee high to a grasshopper, blonde haired and brown eyed beauty, who, to respect her anonymity, I shall call Belle. Because that she certainly is. 

I have fallen so head over heels for this little girl, that I actually look forward to going to work in the afternoons. Not only does this job help me pay my way in Paris, so I feel like i’m not relying on my parents to give me money, (another AWESOME feeling; paying your own bills.) but it gives you such satisfaction acting as a second mother to a little kid. Trust me, the adoration is mutal, especially when she tells her mother that I am going to move in to their apartment, and live under her bed. An offer I politely declined. 

To summarise the perfection of this job, I will describe my evening last night. Pick Belle up from school, met a new mum, who is from California, and gave me a biscuit to munch on whilst we discussed Downton Abbey. Got back to the apartment, discussed the musings of Belle’s day, and her philosophy on how to correctly dunk a biscuit like a princess. Proceeded to follow through on this philosophy by dunking biscuits in tea. Draw. Play. Watch Finding Nemo. Talk in French. ALL FAVOURITE PASTIMES OF MINE. get paid. go home. 

Isn’t life a peach?

Charlotte Olympia.

so for a few years, i have been a little bit obsessed with Charlotte Olympia shoes. they are the primary fodder of my internet stalking. But until this year i had never actually bought a pair, seeing as i could almost pay my rent with the money they cost. but in 2014, at 18 years of age, i did what i wanted to do, and treated myself, to my first pair of hopefully a bountiful collection of COs.

Em and I getting ready for BUBLÉ. 

Em and I getting ready for BUBLÉ. 

happy new year.

so i’ve been a bit off the map since i’ve moved to Paris. things tend to get a little crazy here, when you’re trying to juggle university, having a job, and trying to have a little bit of a social life. so yeah. but HEY i’m going to make an effort to start up again.

so here’s a little paris update. it’s my 20th week here now. and it’s FLYING by. although i spent a couple of weeks in england over christmas. which was cool. my uni is amazing, super small but everyone knows everyone and everyone’s friends. so it’s like a mean girls dream world where everyone eats cake made out of rainbows and smiles etc.

i’m doing a bunch of cool stuff. my best friend here, Em, and I went to see Michael Bublé play last night which was amaaaaazing. he’s such a doll. the unspeakable things i could do to him…but like i say. they’re unspeakable. so *zips*. 

but yeah. just to say ‘hey tumblrrrrr.’


I dip-dyed my hair. now I feel like a rocker. I think I should go do drugs and have unprotected sex to live up to the expectations of my new ‘do. but I’m not really that type of person. so I’m gonna have a cup of tea instead. :)

I dip-dyed my hair. now I feel like a rocker. I think I should go do drugs and have unprotected sex to live up to the expectations of my new ‘do. but I’m not really that type of person. so I’m gonna have a cup of tea instead. :)

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. :)

i know this amazing girl, and today it is her birthday, so i decided that i would write a blog post devoted to one of my dearest friends, Lizzie.

she’s super cool. she introduced me to tumblr, so that proves that she’s the bomb. follow her; goodheavensyouboys.tumblr.com :) she likes Biffy Clyro, a lot. and beards. and tattoos. and especially cats. oh, and sloths. but the sloth thing is just a phase. at least, i sincerely hope it is. because some of them are freaky as SHIT.
the only way to describe Lizzie is to say that she is a minstrel. she has that hard outer coating, and seems like she’s a tough nut to crack, but once you wiggle your way through her candy shell (that sounds super sexual and not at all what i meant you dirty minded freak), she’s so sweet and soft and gooey in the middle you are bound to get a cavity just by standing too close to her. she’s a fantastic friend and chemistry buddy. and possibly the most adorable person i’ve met.
so happy birthday, lady! go wild and lose your dignity for just one night ;) love you to the solar system and round again.